16 October 2023
Nadhim Zahawi speaks out on situation in Israel and Gaza

Following the Prime Minister’s statement on the situation in Israel and Gaza, Nadhim Zahawi backs Israel’s right to defend herself and root out the fundamentalism that has infested Hamas and calls on the Government to encourage Israel to set out the positive actions it will take to “change the reality in Gaza once and for all” after this war.

Nadhim Zahawi (Stratford-on-Avon) (Con)

I want to add my voice to all those who stand with Israel and her inalienable right to defend herself against an unspeakable crime. As someone born in the middle east, as a father and as a human, it was too painful to watch. Israel has to take the necessary steps to root out this evil virus of fundamentalism that has so clearly infested those in Hamas and, of course, destroy it. Just as we stood together against ISIS, we will stand together again. My request to my right hon. Friend is that, when this has been done, the UK encourages Israel to set out for all to see the positive actions it will take to change the reality in Gaza once and for all. Gaza and the world will need Israel to show her best self after this war.

The Prime Minister (Rishi Sunak)

I thank my right hon. Friend for his powerful statement and also agree with him, We must think about the future, and in spite of this awful tragedy, we cannot lose sight of the better future that we all want to strive for. Indeed, in my conversations with leaders we have already been thinking about that, and it is something I raised with the Prime Minister of Israel as well. We all want that better future for the Israeli and Palestinian people, and hopefully out of this tragedy we will find a way to move closer towards it.