22 March 2010

Sunday began with Lana and I doing some shopping for our new home in Payton Street, visiting local shops and stocking up to make our new home, a real home that we can be proud of.

We then attended a splendid lunch in Alcester with 60 activists both of the District Councillors were there Sue and Eric as well as the County Councillor Mike Gittus.

I spoke for half an hour outlining the campaign strategy and delivering on our clear message that we can deliver on the door step.

We will balance the books and make the tough decisions that need to be made to reduce the deficit and get our country back on its feet. We will create real jobs and an enterprise economy. Margaret Thatcher did it in the 80s, we will do it again now.

We will cap immigration at 10s of thousands and not the 100s of thousands that this Government is allowing in. Immigrants coming to our country should learn our language and be net contributors to the exchequer on day one.

We will restore the link between earnings and pensions and remind Gordon Brown that he raided pension pots to the tune of 5 billion pounds per year when he became Chancellor.

There was a question and answer session. Good questions on our position on Europe, the NHS and young people. People liked our position on all three including making Government more transparent and more locally accountable.

All in all a great day, Lana did the raffle. And managed to meet everyone too.