28 February 2010

David Cameron delivered big time today. I have spent the weekend at Spring Forum, in Brighton, and was even on stage this morning, where I shared with the conference the experience of being selected in Stratford on Avon and how wonderfully warm the people of Stratford have been to me over the past three weeks. I explained that I was learning fast about the issues that concern people and that the great team that John Maples had built is now working hard, with me, to make sure we get our message across and win strongly come the Election.

The reason I say David delivered is simple. He articulated precisely why it is time for change and why there will be a clear choice at the Election. The choice is between five more miserable years of Gordon Brown and his failed policies and a new energetic, honest and transparent Government lead by David.

David Cameron's analogy of Gordon being like a man whose credit card was maxed out, and instead of dealing with his crippling indebtedness, decides to just get a new credit card was spot on.

A Government lead by David Cameron would instead be ready to take the tough decisions now and start to balance the books immediately. It would create an enterprise economy that will result in real jobs being created and making Britain prosperous again.

He spoke about his values and his commitment to the NHS and his commitment to restoring the link between pensions and wages for pensioners, something that I know the pensioners in Stratford on Avon will be very happy to hear.

David repeated his commitment to capping immigration and to making sure that people who can work will and should work.

He is ready to govern and isn't frightened to tell the nation that he will have to be a salesman on behalf of UK plc. This struck a real chord with me, being a businessman by background, I am delighted to hear him say that when he will travel as Prime Minister his plane will not be packed with journalists, but with businessmen and women who will be selling British goods and services to the rest of the world.

I am convinced that if we keep delivering this message on the door step, if we repeat it confidently again and again then we will succeed. We will succeed in reminding people that there is a real choice - five more years of desperate Gordon or a Conservative government which is ready to take the tough decisions and ready to make our Country great again.

The polls have tightened, but the people know the difference between a genuine committed leader who is telling them the truth, and a desperate man attempting to hang on to power by borrowing more, more and more.

I can't wait for the live debates, because judging by today's performance David Cameron will wipe the floor with Gordon.