21 June 2022
Reverend Neville Beamer

Nadhim Zahawi remembers Reverend Neville Beamer, whose memorial took place on 18 June following his passing two years ago.

Neville touched the lives of all those he met, and he loved to support and include others in the things he treasured. He was a committed Councillor dedicated to serving his community and assisting those in need. There was no one Neville wouldn’t make time for.

I often reflect on his wise words, delivered in his element speaking at the Holy Trinity. Neville cared deeply about our faith and he espoused the virtues and lessons taught in the Bible. He devoted his life to helping others through the Church, as a local representative, and through his charity work.

Neville was extremely kind to me, as he was with everyone,  taking me under his wing as a young candidate, guiding me and offering his valuable counsel. His tremendous empathy enabled him to help you see things in ways you had never considered.

As you will all know, Neville was also a passionate football fan. I remember him taking me to Stratford Football Club and seeing the joy being there brought him, a joy that he radiated and you could not help sharing in his company.

A stalwart of Stratford Town, his passing has been a loss to us all. I, like many others in the community, will never forget his generosity, and I know that while he has departed us in one sense, he continues to live with us in spirit and in our hearts.