16 September 2021
Message from Nadhim

Working with our amazing frontline healthcare professionals, vaccine volunteers, and key workers to vaccinate the country has been the honour of my life.

Their tireless work has led to over 92 million doses of the vaccine being administered, with 112,000 lives saved and 24 million infections prevented.

There was a time when this didn’t seem possible, where the odds were stacked against us. But this amazing collection of people were unphased and undeterred.

We are entering a new stage of the vaccine programme, with an emphasis on vital booster and flu jabs, and I have every confidence this will be a success.

I’m honoured the Prime Minister has entrusted me with a new task as Secretary of State for Education.

I look forward to following through on this Government’s commitment to level up schools across the country, ensuring that every child receives the education they need to fulfil their potential.