12 March 2010
I'm not sure how many people are aware that the Labour Transport Secretary, Lord Adonis, is looking to slash the drink drive limit from the current one and a half to two pints of beer (or three small glasses of wine) to what would be the equivalent of less than one pint. Now, of course we want everyone to drink sensibly when they drive. That's important everywhere, but perhaps especially so on the country roads we have here in South Warwickshire. At the same time however, halving the drink driving limit will hit rural areas particularly hard. It will undoubtably prevent many people from going out and enjoying an evening in one of our marvelous country pubs. Something which can only put many pubs under further pressure when they are struggling already. It's not just the pubs though, there will be a knock on effect on local brewers such as Purity and Hogan, putting undue pressure on important local businesses. When you stop and look at it, this plan is yet further evidence that this government neither understands country life nor cares about it. It has already heaped economic difficulty after economic difficulty on rural communities by, for example, standing by and allowing village post offices to close. Now it is intent on piling on more economic destruction. Adonis is the god of Love. I say to Lord Adonis "For God's sake, show some love towards rural england." Links Save the Great British Pub campaign on MyConservatives Watch Jeremy Hunt MP launching the Save the Great British Pub campaign