13 March 2010
We had a great day today - I met people for two hours from 8.30am till 10.30 with Cllr. Gardner outside Gardners Newsagents in Stratford before going on to Whatcote to meet with the Warwickshire Hunt. As those that attended the selection meeting will know I am fully in favour of Fox Hunting and will vote to repeal the ban when a Conservative Government give me the opportunity to do so. My wife Lana then joined me and we went to a lunch meeting at the Chairman of the Council's home, where she had invited 40 or so Tysoe residents. I talked to so many people and had the opportunity to speak to everyone about the Campaign and our message; that there is a clear choice for the people 5 more years of Gordon or a Government that will balance the books and create real jobs and an enterprise economy. Throughout the day, I was shadowed by a Journalist from Focus Magazine (from Germany) and her excellent photographer. They are doing a piece on me and the work of YouGov and now also my campaign to become the member of Parliament for Stratford-on-Avon. I ended a great day at the Stratford Football club, where the Chairman welcomed me and gave me a SFC scarf. Sadly we didn't do as well as when I visited the Rugby club last week and lost 0-3! Better luck next Saturday though when we have another home game. I rounded off the day with a lovely Chinese dinner with Lana and the boys, a chance to unwind with my family and tell them all about it. Lots of photos from the day are now up on my Facebook page, please do become a fan to receive updates and send me messages and feedback. Also don't forget you can also follow me on Twitter.